Thursday, 26 January 2012

Practical information for delegates

We kindly inform you that a national strike, in Belgium, is planned for Monday January 30th - the day BEFORE the EDA Annual Conference.


There will be no Thalys, TGV, Eurostar - or even local trains operating in Belgium on Monday.


It is not clear, at the moment, what will be the exact impact on air traffic. Passengers are kindly requested to check their airline websites for the latest information of their scheduled flights, and allow plenty of time to travel to the airport.

Public transport

Public transport companies will be on strike as well, meaning road traffic might be very heavy.

The objective of this message is simply to encourage those arriving in Brussels on Monday 30th to take precautions on the day BEFORE the Conference. There is no strike nor any perturbation foreseen in public transport on Tuesday 31th.